Adult Black Cat Kigurumi

50 $

Adult Black Cat Kigurumi

50 $

This is a cozy hooded black cat Kigurumi pajama costume for adults.


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Cats are really great at plenty of things, including, but not limited to:

– Playing with balls of yarn

– Chasing after lasers

– Purring

– Leaving the brand new roll of toilet paper unraveled on the bathroom floor

– Lying on top of your laptop keyboard when you need to use it

– Knocking things off of your coffee table

– Exploring the interior of empty cardboard boxes

– Rubbing their face all over your video game controller when you’re trying to play

– Following you into the bathroom when you’re trying to use the toilet

Of course, the thing that they are ultimately the best at is sleeping in sunbeams. They have a natural instinct to find any sliver of light that’s touching any part of the interior of your home and if you ask us, it looks so darn cozy! If there’s anything we can learn from our feline friends, it’s how to relax and nnow, with this pajama costume, you can get comfy like a cat.

This black cat Kigurumi is a soft, fleece onsie designed for adults. It buttons up in the front and has an adorable cat head on the top, so you can practice acting like a cat by napping in the sunbeams of your home. You could also try doing some of those other things on the list, but just know that real cats will always be the kings of those activities.