Adult Calico Cat Costume

60 $

Adult Calico Cat Costume

60 $

This Adult Calico Cat Costume is a sweet take on a popular pet, made into a unique costume idea!


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In lieu of trying to sway you into getting this Calico Cat costume, we’ve decided to share some random cat facts with you before moving on to the features of this costume. These random cat facts may or may not be completely made up (they’re definitely made up):

1. 98% of all videos watched on the internet have cats as the main star. The other 2% of internet videos are Rick Roll variations.

2. Cats have an entire portion of their brain that acts as a dedicated radar for tracking sunbeams.

3. Cats like belly rubs, but no more than three, after which they will bite.

4. Every kitten ingests a small cell phone at a young age, which gives them the ability to purr.

5. Cats are superior to humans in all ways.

6. The keyboard cat video is real.

7. No, really. The keyboard cat video is real.

Now that those are out of the way, this adult Cat Costume is a comfy way for you to dress like your favorite feline friend! It’s easy to put on and it even has black, brown and white details to have you ready to purr right meow.