Adult Toad Deluxe Costume

55 $

Adult Toad Deluxe Costume

55 $

He’s arguably one of the cutest players in all of Mario Kart. Zip into first place while you wear this Adult Toad Deluxe Costume.


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Can we all at least agree that Toad needs his own spin-off? If you’ve loved Toad ever since Wario’s Woods, then you’ll love wearing this Adult Toad Deluxe Costume. You’ll have to work on your spore emitting powers so you can keep Princess Peach safe. Who knows, maybe the Princess will ditch

Bowser is such a dink! His first major attack against the Mushroom Kingdom was to transform all the citizens into stone and leave them floating around in the middle of nowhere, just screaming for some would-be heroes to show up and shatter them into fragments in search of coins. Now, Mario and Luigi can’t quite be called murderers for this. How were they supposed to know that all those blocks were actually transformed people!? Well, sort of people. Are mushroom folks people?

Well, however we should classify them, we are certainly lucky that the most famous and helpful of the Toad species managed to dodge the curse: Toad! Okay, so perhaps the naming conventions might get rather confusing in the Mushroom Kingdom if your name is the same as your species, but that’s why good old Toad makes sure to stand out from the crowd. Guiding Mario through those first few areas wasn’t enough! Inspired by those heroics, it was time to join in the fun, whether that meant tossing vegetables, racing to the finish line, or joining up in the heroic leaping directly.

And now you, too, get to join with this Toad Deluxe costume. Consisting of just three easy-to-wear pieces, these pixels-brought-to-life will make your transformation into video game icon immediate. Start with a two-tone jumpsuit featuring a cream-toned nude shirt and white velour trousers. Throw on the blue vest with its shining metallic gold edges. And don’t forget your red and white mushroom cap! It’s also the perfect outfit to join up with your friends for a Mario-themed group costume! Grab your fire flowers and show Mario and Luigi who the real hero of the Mushroom Kingdom is destined to be!

Mario for you!