Boys Ship Captain

50 $

Boys Ship Captain

50 $

He’ll be ready to sail off in this boys ship captain costume.


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Be it because of mutiny or just because he was the first one to find x marks the spot, your child has completed an important achievement. He’s been promoted to captain! A truly high honor and prestigious role to be sure, but now there’s an important step to make sure he cements his leadership position without leaving any room for questioners or naysayers. Yeah, he’s going to need a captain’s costume!

Look no further for a high seas look for your young buddin’ captain than this here boy’s ship captain costume. A truly memorable costume, this style is made and designed right here in our studios. And when we talk about being a captain, we don’t just talk the talk, we make the costume!

When he has this costume, he’ll be destined to lead his band of scallywags to the biggest treasures, to the coolest locales, and to raid and plunder all of the King’s ships. Styled as a shirt/vest combo, pants, and jacket combination; it also includes a belt, hat, and scarf so he’ll have everything he needs to set sail.

Stylish skull printing on the attached vest is the perfect complement to the roughhewn stitching of the jacket, and with plenty of unique details, we’re sure he’ll feel like a real deal pirate. Just complete the costume with a pair of boots or boot tops, and maybe a cutlass sword and an eye patch if he’s feeling particularly salty!

Designed for the truly elite buccaneers abound, this exclusive kid’s costume is going to have him ready to take command of his ship. He does have a ship docked the harbor that’s ready to set sail, right?