Child Ringmaster Costume

40 $

Child Ringmaster Costume

40 $

Bring the audience to their feet when you wow them wearing this Child Ringmaster Costume! You’ll have lions and tigers obeying your every command.


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Ladies and gentlemen! Children of all ages! We direct your attention to the center ring of the circus for a show that will both amaze and shock you!

Okay, it might not be quite that dramatic (mostly because we couldn’t afford to put real lion in the show), but you’ll still get to see an astounding costume! When your kid is suited up in our exclusive Ringmaster Costume, they’re sure to be the star of the show!

Now that we think of it, a look like this could be really be useful outside of the circus life. Dressing up as a ringmaster and keeping a cool sense of showmanship under pressure would make them fantastic in any high pressure job, even those that don’t involve taming an angry jungle feline. And if someone ever says that being handy with a bullwhip will never come in handy, they are in for a huge surprise some day!

Of course, when your kiddo is wearing this snazzy costume, they can just have fun pretending to lead their very own three ring circus! The fancy bright red jacket features gold braids and buttons, and looks great with the included gold colored vest, dapper red bow tie, and classy top hat. Be sure to get them a toy whip accessory to complete this dashing look, and they’ll be ready to put on a terrific show!

NOTE: The pants, shirt and gloves shown in the photo are not included.