Florida State Seminoles Child Uniform

45 $

Florida State Seminoles Child Uniform

45 $

Are you ready for game day? Get ready with this Florida State Seminoles Child Uniform. We have a feeling it will be perfect for those games against the Gators!


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“All my life I’ve been right next to a football field. That’s all I know.” – Bobby Bowden

Is football ever just a game? A way to see which university is better than the other? A way for kids to blow off some steam? Something you do, or watch, to kill some time? A passive kind of interest? We don’t think so. You can go to any home game and see the fans who come out even in the horrible winter wind. Football isn’t just a game, it’s a way of life.

Just look at Florida State football fans. The crowd goes wild when they see Osceola and Renegade take the field. The proud Seminole riding his beautiful Appaloosa, flaming spear in hand. Or, when a play goes just right. The stands will erupt with a roaring cheer, loud enough to be heard a mile away from Doak Campbell Stadium.

When your son sees the way the crowd cheers for the Seminoles, don’t be surprised if he wants to be one. This Florida State Seminoles Child Uniform will make him look the part, then all you’ll have to do is track down Bobby Bowden and see if he will coach up your little player. Sure, it might be weird to just drop in on a man who has 2 national championships under his belt, and was inducted into the Collage Football Hall of Fame. But remember, football is a way of life. Who knows your peewee star might just become a player in he NFL.

“I’ve been in football all my life, gentlemen, and I don’t know whether I’m particularly qualified to be a part of anything else.” – Vince Lombardi