Grease Rydell High Girls Cheerleader Costume

35 $

Grease Rydell High Girls Cheerleader Costume

35 $

Dress your child as their favorite Grease character in this Grease Rydell High Girls Cheerleader Costume.


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Alright, okay! Let’s hear it for the Rydell football team!

“Hit ’em again Rydell Ringtails. . . “

Umm, wait, wait, wait! Wow, actually that song is pretty vicious. We’re not quite fierce enough to write the lyrics down here. If you’re familiar with the Rydell High fight chant then you know that those little ladies might seem innocent but they shouldn’t be messed with. Sure, they’re full of that classic fifties enthusiasm but the lyrics to their encouraging song probably wouldn’t be allowed on the green of today’s football teams. That just goes to show how much more fun those ponytailed teens of the hit musical “Grease” had compared to your standard modern cheerleader.

Well, considering all the other hijinks that go on at Rydell High, it’s no wonder that the cheerleaders have an extra serving of attitude. Despite this, these cheerleaders remain looking sweeter than ever. Now, your daughter can try out for the Rydell High team in this long red skirt and white sweater with the instantly recognizable Rydell megaphone icon.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect ensemble for a group Grease costume or she needs the ensemble for the school play, this costume will fit the bill. Your daughter might even want to make this classic sweater part of her everyday wardrobe. Simply pair the uniform with a pair of bobby socks and pom-poms, teach her that powerful cheerleader clap, and your girl will be singing that fight chant with the best of Rydell’s best,

“. . . For the glory of Rydell, evermore!”