Men’s Chain Gang Prisoner Costume

35 $

Men’s Chain Gang Prisoner Costume

35 $

Look like the best prisoner on the chain gang with this exclusive Men’s Chain Gang Prisoner Costume. It features a black and white striped t-shirt and overalls.


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All day long they’re working. All day long they’re singin’ Hooh! Aah! Hooh! Ahh!

You know what the sound of the men working on the chain gang sounds like, because unfortunately you got yourself assigned to hard prison labor. We don’t care what crime you committed, but you are going to need the right look to serve your sentence. And when you’re ready to be locked up, this exclusive men’s Chain Gang Prisoner Costume will have you ready to get down to business.

Styled as a throwback prisoner costume that would have been used in a real early 20th century chain gang, this costume includes a t-shirt and overalls, along with a hat and faux wrist shackles. Light denim-style overalls have a pinstripe pattern, and feature a screen printed prisoner number and details.

The striped t-shirt looks like a vintage prisoner costume, and the polyfoam wrist shackles have a matte weathered appearance to look like rusted iron. Just top off the look with the included tweed cap, and add a toy shovel or prop pickaxe (sold separately) to complete the look.

We’re sure that joining a chain gang doesn’t sound all that appealing, but when you use this costume as a throwback style, it’s guaranteed to be a fun trip through time (or at least as fun as being in a chain gang can get!). You can pretend to be a prisoner on the lam, and partner up with a police officer to form the ultimate at-odds couples combo. Or use our women’s and children’s chain gang costume series to assemble an entire family group theme of prisoners!

Whatever kind of backstory you roll with, when you show up at the big party, the hosts might think that they’re finally going to get some help cleaning up after the shindig or breaking up those big rocks out back… but we know that you’re going to bail right after you polish off the last of the nachos. Hooh! Aah!