MTV Scream Child Costume

35 $

MTV Scream Child Costume

35 $

This MTV Scream Child Costume is an officially licensed look from the new series on MTV.


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So you’ve got a little terror on your hands, do you?

That’s okay; as most of us understand it, all children are small terrors running amok and causing havoc. Whether it’s destroying toys, constant shrieking, or intentionally sitting on a sibling, kids can be quite troublesome.

And that’s not even including the scary ones. The ones creeping up out of wells, girls with heads spinning around, and twins in hotel hallways. The intentionally terrifying ones. Those are even worse. Unpredictable, untrustworthy, there’s nothing scarier than a kid that’s acting unnaturally.

And who knows? Maybe your kid is into that sort of thing. Maybe they like startling adults and freaking people out with a well-practiced cackle, a creepy walk, and some killer special effects make up. Maybe they’re into the guts and the horror movies that send a thrill down their spines. It’s alright, we went through a similar phase at their age. It’s only natural to be excited by the terrifying.

If this sounds like your child, we have a good costume for them. Based on MTV’s Scream series, we’ve got this Scream Costume. It comes with a hooded poncho and the Ghostface face, so your little terror can look just like a masked psychopath. You know. If they really want to terrorize people.