Regular Show: Adult Mordecai Pajamas

35 $

Regular Show: Adult Mordecai Pajamas

35 $

“Ooooooh,” you should check out this Regular Show: Mordecai Union Suit! Mordecai would definitely approve.


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Do you find it difficult to fall asleep some nights, worrying about all of life’s responsibilities? About how ridiculously awkward today went? Rest easy, friend. Our Mordecai Pajama suit is your answer.

We all know how difficult life can be. Not having enough time to play video games. Running out of soda in the middle of a gaming session. Running into Margaret when you’re not expecting her. Yeah. Life is rough, and if you’re like us, you’re likely to pull a Mordecai.

That’s not a bad thing! At least when Mordecai gets awkward, trips over his own tongue, and gets a flop sweat we know he’s trying. He might not have the best approaches to life, but he usually does work through things in the long run. Not to mention he’s a friendly guy, musically inclined, fun to hang out with, and a hard worker. So even if you’re a bit awkward like Mordecai at times, we’re pretty sure you too have a heart of gold.

So if you’re feeling a bit like our favorite awkward blue bird, and want to be comfy at the same time (we know Mordecai would), look no further than our Regular Show: Adult Mordecai Pajamas. This suit is 100 percent polyester, a full onesie with removable feet and big Mordecai hood. That’s right. If anything gets too awkward for you, you can just pull your hood down and hide behind Mordecai’s happy face. You’re welcome.