Sexy Poison Ivy Costume

35 $

Sexy Poison Ivy Costume

35 $

It’s too bad that not all Batman’s villains wear something like this sexy Poison Ivy costume. Then again, who wants to see the Penguin in a sexy outfit hanging around Gotham City.


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Batman has fought a lot of villains over the years. There are the heavy hitters like the Joker, Two-Face and Bane. There are the loveable ant-heroes like Catwoman. There are the B-list (or maybe C-list?) substitutes like Egghead and Condiment King (yes, he’s really real and he really does spray condiments at his foes). The world’s greatest detective has one of the most colorful and eclectic rogue’s galleries of all time.

But maybe none of these has such a place in fans’ hearts as Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley—AKA Poison Ivy.

The reasons are obvious. Poison Ivy is addictively attractive, with her shiny dark green leaves and her trailing vines and her milky sap. She’s truly worth risking an itchy, painful rash and even blisters…

Oh, wait. We mixed that up. That’s the plant poison ivy, not the eco-terrorist super villainess Poison Ivy. Oops.

This Women’s Poison Ivy Villain Costume is meant to help you become that Poison Ivy, the sexy and toxic plant-loving villainess who is far more concerned about saving endangered plant species than stealing the world’s largest diamond. The officially licensed costume features a dark green dress that looks like it came straight off a comic book cover, along with fingerless gloves with faux ivy on the top, an ivy leaf armband and an ivy leaf headpiece with a comb that attaches into your hair.

With this costume, you’ll take your rightful place in Batman’s rogues’ gallery, and you won’t have to risk a nasty rash either. It’s a win-win!