Women’s Flirty Lederhosen Costume

50 $

Women’s Flirty Lederhosen Costume

50 $

Celebrate Oktoberfest in these Women’s Flirty Lederhosen–and enjoy the attention you’ll get!


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Who says every woman needs to wear a dirndl? Who says only men can wear lederhosen? Traditionalists, that’s who.

Now, we have no problem if you are a traditionalist. If you’re intent on wearing your full dirndl with all its Germanic folk charm, go for it. We also have no problem with males who have their lederhosen all pressed and ready for Oktoberfest. By all means, lederhosen away. But you really can’t expect us not to shake things up a bit in these modern times.

Consider the changes of the modern era! Women wear pants. That’s right. Pants. And most kids go to school instead of working on a farm, how ridiculous is that? People don’t carry swords and daggers about any more (we know, we miss it too), and our horse and carts are now all mechanical! The modern era is strange to say the least.

So you can’t really be surprised when someone tries something new. Like when lipsticks come in blue. Or guys have longer hair than their female counterparts. It’s just part of the charm of the modern era: everything gets turned on its head.

So here is our turn of normal: lederhosen for the female figure. Our Flirty Lederhosen costume includes a shirt with puffy sleeves, shorts with suspenders, and cute little floral detailing the shorts. It even comes with a miniature hat. Still inspired by the classic German folk wear, just now a bit more trendy. That’s right. You’re welcome.